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MLK Jr. Week: Join us for a MLK Jr. Week lecture presented by Dr. Claudia Garcia Louis.

he black-white binary is seeded in colonial invasion, slavery, and xenophobic principles. It has been utilized to keep colonist racial hierarchies in their place while sustaining the black-brown divide. In this presentation, I will underscore how the social investment in racial differences is foregrounded by ahistorical accounts of American blackness and mestizaje. Finally, I argue AfroLatinxs could serve as the bridge between brownness and blackness given they disrupt the essentialism of the binary.

Dr. García-Louis is an assistant professor of higher education and leadership studies at the University of Texas San Antonio. Her research focuses on the racialization of Latinxs in higher education, the impact of race and racism on their academic performance, and intragroup Latinx racial heterogeneity.

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Location: Building 8, 1st floor, Mt. Constance/Mt. Olympus