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MLK Jr. Week: Join us for a MLK Jr. Week workshop presented by Jennifer Young.

For all educators, community members, artists, children, and families interested in how creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking can be expanded through stories of social justice through the eyes of children and their drawings which are animated.

Jennifer Young embarked on a two year creative and intellectual journey with a group of brilliant EL (English Learner) students who studied the period of European colonization and exploration through the lens of historically marginalized groups. After completing the history/political science unit, students did a critical analysis of Shaun Tan’s “The Rabbits”, which later inspired their culminating multi-modal project. The culminating project is a bold collection of counter-narratives that utilize art and story telling as a way to illuminate broader social considerations.

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Location: Building 8, 1st floor, Mt. Constance/Mt. Olympus