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If you’ve ever wondered what the “I” is in LGBTQIA- join us for the movie screening of “Intersexion: A documentary about being intersex”. The first question any new parent asks… “Is it a boy or a girl?” What if it’s neither?

1 in 2,000 babies is born with genitalia so ambiguous that the doctors cannot easily answer this question.

In this groundbreaking documentary, intersex individuals (formerly called hermaphrodites) reveal the secrets of their unconventional lives – and how they have navigated their way through this strictly male/female world, when they fit somewhere in between.

Location: Building 7 (Turtle Building)

LGBTQIA Month celebrates and remembers the history of the gay rights movement and is celebrated in October to recognize “National Coming Out Day. Multicultural Affairs and LGBTQIA Task Force sponsors a month long series of educational events and activities exploring LGBTQIA identity and social justice issues.”