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Joshua Magallanes will discuss “Love and Critical Consciousness: Creating a Tapestry of Transparency.”

We inhabit, and are inhabited by, multiple categories of identity. Our intersecting identities create more emotional, cultural, and material differences than any one identity. In order to understand intersectionality within the complexity of social structures, we must first understand the privileges of our single identities. How is society allowed to say who, what, and when we will become the individual they see? Don’t you want to have a say in that? Lastly, and most importantly, how can we integrate the power of LOVE as a tapestry to heal and work for us as a generation and for generations of the future?

Joshua believes the developmental process is a road that is never paved or well-traveled; the way we it and experience it is what makes us marvel at the amazing products along the way. Magallenes explores the societal constructs placed on communities of color and Queer communities to continue to raise awareness and create change. Joshua has spoken and led various workshops in Washington State including being a keynote at the Links and Alliances Conference. Magallanes has worked with Edmonds School District to adopt a program centered around cultural responsive practice when working with the queer community. He has served on the board of directors for Gay City Men’s Health Project in Seattle, WA. Currently a faculty member at Highline College teaching courses including “The Queer Experience” and “Cultural Competency Practices”, and“Social Justice”. Magallanes holds an Associate faculty status with Seattle University where he teaches in the College of Education Graduate Counseling Program. Joshua owns a private practice in Seattle where he provides therapeutic services for individuals, males of color and couples in the queer and straight community. You may have seen him as a regular guest on the morning news for Q13 as an expert therapist sharing his thoughts around grief, violence, toxic masculinity and the list goes on. Joshua earned his Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University and his Masters in Community Counseling from Seattle University.

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