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Highline’s Honors Students have been working hard all quarter on series of research / service learning projects related to Solar Energy Use, Educational Philosophies East and West, the Rights and Responsibilities of Persons with Disabilities, the Myths and Realities of Mental Illness, as well as other fascinating topics.
On, Wednesday, June 8th they will be presenting their projects in a Poster Session.  Come visit and see what they’ve been up to!

The Poster Session will take place between 10:30 and 12 in the Mt. Constance/ Mt. Olympus rooms of Building 8.  Honors students will be available to answer questions about their projects and about the Honors Program and Phi Theta Kappa more generally. Come! Support our hardworking Highline students and learn more about the Honors Options available on Campus!

Presentations will include:

Honors 299 Projects:

  • The Feasibility of Solar Energy at Highline — Colton Ingram, Bandhanjit Singh, & Apars Walia
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Persons with Disabilities — Alex Crawford, Yemisirach Demissie, & Jacqueline Kemp
  • Myths & Realities of Mental Illness — Jahmillah Turneur & Jamie Urban
  • Collectivism and Individualism: Educational Approaches in the United States and Taiwan — (Jenith) Chia-Ling Wen, (Tony) Wen-Yen Pai, & (Claire) Yuan

Other Honors Projects at Highline:

  • Overpopulation — Ali Houle
  • Capitalism and Price Motive – Doris Chin
  • Communication – Karen Kanazawa
  • LGBT Movements and Gender Persecution –  Jared Kern
  • French Cities — Carlos Vasquez
  • Homelessness in France – Elmer Gonzalez Iraheta
  • Financial Crisis and the Comeback – Gurchetan Singh
  • Destination Mali– Autum Bobst
  • Ozette River Complex Archaeological Site – Emily Barrick
  • Uses of plants in American Samoan culture – Alex Crawford
  • Camille Pissaro/l’impressionisme – Macheddie Baker
  • Mathematics and Physics for Programmers: Computer Based Object Collisions – Teran Long
  • Horror genre in French cinema – Rogelia Mendoza
  • Visual Timeline of the Abigail Fisher Vs University of Texas Austin Supreme court case – Pa Ousman Jobe
  • Poverty in Africa — Noela Limo
  • Voyager en France – Yesenia Ruiz
  • Developing nonprofit websites using Java Script – Abdul Aziz Bah

Location: Building 8, Mt. Constance / Mt. Olympus Rooms