Honors Colloquy: Embracing Our Roots, Creating Our Future

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There is a seed of infinite possibility that dwells within each and every one of us. This seed has been sowed deep within the hearts and minds of all. Similar to an acorn of an oak tree, this seed must be placed in soil that supports its growth, tended to and provided adequate nutrients to assist it as it grows into that which it is here to be. You and I have these seeds of greatness within and with the proper conditions we can all blossom into the person we believe we are here to be. This talk will focus on how we can recognize this seed, embrace our roots and develop it in such a way that we are assisting in the creation of our future. There is no limit to our potential but the limit we place on it ourselves.

Presenter: Jeffon Seely, Highline alumn, author, and motivational speaker.

Location: Building 10, Room 103