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“The Influence of the Jacobean Court on Shakespeare’s Plays” presented by Lonnie Somer.

A war that never seems to end, a mysterious disease that surfaces seemingly randomly and often kills swiftly, protests by the common people against the 1% who own 99% of the country’s wealth, deep societal divisions based on religious beliefs, a terrorist plot, covert government surveillance, and uncertainty over the transition of the country’s leadership.  Stories ripped from today’s headlines?  Actually, events that influenced Shakespeare’s writing during the reign of King James.  Come to History Seminar to hear why the Bard was both a man of his time and timeless.

Location: Building 3, room 102

History Seminar is a weekly series of presentations by Highline faculty and other guest speakers about a topic in their field of expertise. History Seminar is open to the public, and students can sign up for HIST 190 (item 1288) as a one-credit class.