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“Technological Change: Everything Old Is New Again” presented by Sue Frantz.

With today’s rapidly changing technology, it is easy to get caught up in the next new thing.  For some, that new thing is shiny and exciting; for others, it is a reminder of how outdated they feel.  Has technology eroded our privacy?  Has it changed how we communicate or how we learn?  Through the lens of education, the history of technology gives us a much-needed reality check.  Whether you view yourself as tech savvy or as a confirmed Luddite, after this talk you will think about technology differently.

Location: Building 3, room 102

History Seminar is a weekly series of presentations by Highline faculty and other guest speakers about a topic in their field of expertise. History Seminar is open to the public, and students can sign up for HIST 190 (item 1288) as a one-credit class.