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Decisions for the next steps in your career and education can be overwhelming and full of doubt, yet it is vital to learn how to make these impactful choices. Hear a Highline alumni’s journey through academia in science and how the foundation and support of Highline College revealed a future of opportunities.

Viktoria Pakhnyuk is a 4th year chemistry Ph.D. student at the University of Washington. She entered Highline as a Running Start student and graduated in 2012 as an Honors Scholar with A.S. degrees in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Afterward, she transferred to the UW and earned her B.S. in chemistry in 2014. Viktoria is currently in her graduate studies developing stretchable electronic materials.

The theme for this quarter’s Honors Speaker Series is Achieving my Dreams: Highline Alumni Success Stories.

Presented by: Viktoria Pakhnyuk

Location: Building 3, Room 102