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When Jessica was in undergrad, one of her favorite things to do was to chat with her friends about the things she loved: video games, comic books, and pop culture in general. And while she could find no shortage of podcasts and shows featuring people talking about the things she and her friends enjoyed, she didn’t see many of these shows featuring women. In fact, many of these shows treated women who liked these topics like unicorns—mythical beings who only exist in stories. So Jessica and her friends decided to make their own podcasts, which led Jessica down the path of the side hustle: turning things she liked to do into things she gets paid to do.

By day, Jessica is a writer, editor, and writing consultant; by night, Jessica is still all those things because writing and editing are her whole life. Jessica started freelance editing in 2011, started her podcast network in 2014, and started her editing business in 2015. Jessica has also worked as a ghostwriter, social media consultant, and blogger, and she has her MA in writing.

Presenter(s): Jessica Ross
Date and Time: March 7, 2018 at 12:15 p.m.
Location: Building 3, Room 102