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Armando Ibañez will discuss “Our Existence through Filmmaking.”

This presentation is about “Undocumented Tales” , a web series about a queer, undocumented, Latinx immigrant living in the states. “Undocumented Tales” breaks the stereotypes and misconceptions of immigrant and LGBTQ communities  on the screen. The program aims to encourage all misrepresented communities to tell our own stories.

Armando Ibañez is a latinx queer filmmaker and activist from Mexico. He has been living in the United States for over 16 years and lives in the state of California. Armando is involved in the LGBTQ and immigrant rights movements and is an active member with Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement. His passion for film began at the age of 7 years old while watching Mexican cinema from the 1950s. Currently, Armando is the director and writer of the online series “Undocumented Tales,” a story that follows the journey of a Mexican undocumented and queer server living in Los Angeles. He is committed to portraying authentic Latinx characters and address real issues impacting immigrant and LGBTQ communities in the United States.

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