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Delta Dog

The Terminology page is another handy reference while you learn and work with ctcLink. Delta is one of the many words defined on the page.

While you learn and work with the ctcLink system, you will come across many acronyms. Here are the most common acronyms and their meanings:

3Cs: Communications, Comments and Checklists
AAR: Academic Advisement Report
ADKAR: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement
AM: Absence Management
AP: Accounts Payable
AR: Accounts Receivable
AWE: Approval Workflow Engine
AWS: Amazon Web Services
BEN: Benefits
BPFG: Business Process Fit Gap
BU: Business Unit
CAP: Change Action Plan
cDR: ctcLink Document Repository
CE: Continuing Education
cELC: ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee
CEMLI: Configuration, Extension, Modification, Localization and Integration
CIA: Change Impact Analysis
CoA: Chart of Accounts
COMMS: Communications
CPW: Common Process Workshop
CS: Campus Solutions
DG: Deployment Group
DRS: Department of Retirement Systems
ER: Expense Report
ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
ES: Executive Sponsor
ESS: Employee Self-Service
EUT: End User Training
EX: Expenses
FA: Financial Aid
FIN: Finance
FNC: Functional Testing
FWL: Faculty Workload
FY: Fiscal Year
GDA: Global Design Adoption
GDR: Global Design Review
GL: General Ledger
GM: Grants Management
HCM: Human Capital Management
HR: Human Resource
ILT: Instructor Led Training
KK: Commitment Control
MSS: Manager Self-Service
OAA: Online Admissions Application
OCIO: Office of the Chief Information Officer.
OCM: Organizational Change Management
OSECE: Online Student Enrollment for Continuing Education
OTM: Oracle Test Manager
OU: Operating Unit
PAY: Payroll
PC: Project Costing
Pcard: Procurement Card
PI: Principal Investigator
PM: Project Manager
PMO: Project Management Office
PO: Purchase Order
POI: Person of Interest
PRD: Production Environment
PS: PeopleSoft
PWA: Project Web Application
QA: Quality Assurance
QARS: Quality Assurance Reporting System
QRG: Quick Reference Guide
RTM: Requirements Traceability Matrix
SF: Student Financials
SIT: System Integration Testing
SME: Subject Matter Expert
T&L: Time and Labor
TA: Travel Authorization
TAM: Talent Acquisition Management
TBD: To Be Determined
TECH: Technical
TR: Treasury
TSB: Technology Services Board
UAT: User Acceptance Testing
VC: Value Chain

Ask Delta Dog

Delta DogWho is this blue dog? Learn why Delta Dog has been our trusty companion on the journey to ctcLink. She will stay by our side as we fully implement the system.

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