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COVID-19 Self-Screening for Employees

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COVID-19 Self-Screening for Employees

Self Screening Quick Link

employee self-screening form
Every time you visit campus you must complete this self-screening form. Please complete the form before arriving on campus and again just prior to leaving. Also, ensure you’ve completed the one-time COVID-19 education course described below before arriving on campus.

Please Note: If you are a student worker coming on campus to work, please complete the employee self-screening form.

If you are a guest coming onto the Highline campus, we ask that you use this screening form.

The college has updated the process for those who access campus and perform critical work. This process change complies with the governor’s higher education guidance and will help assist contact tracing if positive cases occur on campus. The new check-in process began on Tuesday, Sept. 8, and replaces the previous self-screening.

The new ‘Access to Campus’ process:

This process will apply to any Highline College employee who is approved to perform critical work on campus.

1. Receive permission to access campus

Employees must first receive permission from their immediate supervisor and division representative to work on campus. Please check with your division representative, noted below, for details on how to request campus access, as it differs for each division.

Academic Affairs: academicaffairs@highline.edu
Administration: hmcbreen@highline.edu
Human Resources: skorst@highline.edu
Institutional Advancement: jgerstman@highline.edu (cc: msell@highline.edu)
ITS: twrye@highline.edu
Student Services: areader@highline.edu  (cc: ksoutherland@highline.edu)

2. Complete the COVID-19 education course

Employees who have received permission to work on campus must complete the COVID-19 education course in Canvas prior to arriving on campus. Through the approximately 20 minute course, you will learn symptom detection, sources of high risk to COVID-19, prevention measures, and leave benefits/policies.. The Canvas course is available to all employees now, and only needs to be completed once for fall quarter.  If you are unable to access the course, please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

3. Complete the self-screening form – Check-in section

Before arriving on campus, employees will be required to fill out the self-screening form to verify they are not currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, nor have recently been around someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

4. Complete the self-screening form – Check-out section

Upon leaving campus, employees will complete the process by filling out the self-screening form again, this time to indicate they are checking out. The form will ask employees to list buildings they visited and people they came into close contact with while performing their work.

This process was designed with the intent of gathering the necessary information for contact tracing, should the need arise. We appreciate your willingness to comply and assure you it is our number one desire to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to the day this is no longer a requirement, but until then, we thank you for your cooperation.

A separate email with a link to the student self-screening form and clarifying information will be sent out to the student body mid-September.