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Return to Campus Timeline

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Return to Campus Timeline

Below is a tentative timeline of initial activities for Highline College’s phased return to campus plan. It will be updated as new information becomes available.

March, 2021

  • Gain an understanding of the courses that may be offered with on-campus components in Fall 2021.
  • Finalize plans for a phased return to campus approach, including gradual on-campus staffing and teaching capacities with planned percentage increases for each quarter in the 2021-22 academic year.
  • Develop department safety plan templates for future use by team leaders.
  • Survey students on the services they need prioritized for on-campus offerings.

April, 2021

  • Develop support documentation for supervisors and managers to help them in leading through Hybrid Operations. Establish guidelines on equitably managing teams whose members work both remotely and on-campus.
  • Develop documentation for staff to help them understand what support they can plan to receive from the college, and what expectations they should have moving forward working in Hybrid Operations.
  • Utilize results of student survey to aid in determining when and at what capacity to return specific services to campus.
  • Engage with union leadership.

May, 2021

  • Share with all faculty and staff an outline of the phased return to campus plan.
  • Host multiple Q&A sessions for faculty, staff, and students to offer further clarity on the planned phased return. Will also include the option to submit feedback and questions anonymously in writing.
  • Distribute department COVID-19 safety plan templates for area Directors to begin processing with their Executive Cabinet representatives.
  • Publish Frequently asked questions, including answers from the Q&A forums and submitted feedback forms for employee reference.
  • Communicate what percentages of course offerings with in-person components the college intends to offer each quarter; include plans for staffing percentages for both student facing positions and business operating positions.
  • COVID-19 safety plans, specific to each area’s planned return to campus, submitted and reviewed by the Public Health Director.
  • Following approval, drafted safety plans will be shared with the Executive Cabinet for review.
  • Following Cabinet review, a template of the 2021-22 academic year’s phased return to campus will be shared with faculty and staff.