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COVID-19 Financial Relief Fund Application Questions

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COVID-19 Financial Relief Fund Application Questions

At the top of the form before the actual questions, you will see this notice:

*Important: You must be logged in with your Highline student account when completing this application! Information on what the COVID-19 Financial Relief Fund Application funds may be used for and the eligibility criteria are described on the CAREs Act website at highline.edu/cares-act. Any funds received will not need to be repaid and will not affect your funding from Financial Aid. If you have any questions, please email caresfunding@highline.edu.

Below are only the questions you will see on the actual Financial Relief Fund Application.

1. First Name

Enter your answer

2. Last Name

Enter your answer

3. ctcLink ID Number

Number must be between 10000000 ~ 299999999

4. Phone Number (Optional)

The value must be a number

5. Mailing Address (optional)

In addition, we recommend you ensure the address on file with Highline College and Bank Mobile is correct. You can check your address on the following page: https://secure.highline.edu/wts/student/stuaddr/index.php

The value must be a number

6. What financial needs and challenges do you have due to COVID-19 disruptions.*

Check all that Apply

7. (Optional) Write a short description of the need you have due to the disruption in college
operations due to COVID-19. *Recommended Maximum Length: 250 words

For example, “The college moved to online classes as a result of COVID-19 and I need a hotspot to access the internet to do my assignments.”

Enter your answer

8. State the amount you are requesting. (Maximum is $1,500 for fall and $1,000 for winter)

Please enter a number less than or equal to 1500 for fall or 1000 for winter

9. What would be the actual amount that would fulfill your financial need? (this amount can exceed over $1,500)

The value must be a number

10. In addition to the COVID-19 Funds, I’d like to receive individualized support, guidance, advising and college success coaching throughout fall quarter.

11. Did you know Highline College has a BenefitsHub? Click ‘yes’ to learn more about Benefits Hub resources you may qualify for such as additional emergency funding, rental assistance, food resources, discount ORCA card and more.
https://supportcenter.highline.edu/benefits-hub/ https://benefitshub.setmore.com/

12. Any other questions, comments or concerns? (optional)

Enter your answer

13. By submitting this form, I agree that these answers are true and the help I am requesting is due to the disruption in campus operations due to COVID-19. By checking the box below, I agree this statement is true.

I understand that if I am eligible and am funded, that the funds may not be disbursed to me until later within the quarter.*

Once you’ve submitted your application, the below submission confirmation message will appear:

Thank you for submission of the Highline College COVID-19 Emergency Fund Application. In addition, you can schedule a meeting with a United Way King County Benefits Hub coach for further support resources at calendly.com/benefits-hub/highline-college?month=2021-04.