Bachelor of Applied Science in Global Trade and Logistics

The world’s leading companies and organizations need you to help them build and deliver products better, faster and cheaper. If you’re working in international business, logistics or a closely related field—or wish to be—then you can make yourself more valuable by earning a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Global Trade and Logistics. Highline’s new BAS program will help you gain skills and knowledge and put you on the path to higher wages and promotion.


Global Connections

Coming to Highline puts you at the heart of global business. Located between the ports of Tacoma and Seattle and within minutes of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Highline works with companies and organizations that need qualified workers to help them thrive internationally. Countless industries take advantage of this location. These industries include freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trucking, third-party logistics, and warehousing and distribution.

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Flexible Courses

Don’t think you have the time to pursue a BAS degree? Highline knows that you are busy and may need to juggle work and/or family obligations. Highline offers flexible course schedules with on-campus classes, online classes and hybrid options where classes combine face-to-face learning with online learning. And if space is available, you can begin the program any quarter.

Highline is a center for international business and trade expertise. The college hosts the Washington State’s Center of Excellence for Global Trade and Supply Chain Management. The center brings together experts from industry, education and labor. Together, they coordinate statewide education and training efforts. This collaboration helps build a competitive workforce in a global economy.

Did You Know?

Demand Is Growing

EMSI* estimates that jobs related to international business, trade and supply chain management are expected to grow by 15.8 percent (from 89,000 to 103,092 jobs) between 2012 and 2022 in King and Pierce Counties.

Highline Is Connected

Highline has long-term collaborations with important industry groups such as the Trade Development Alliance, the Washington Council on International Trade and the World Trade Club. On a worldwide scale, the college maintains longstanding ties with trade, government and educational institutions in China, Japan, Namibia, South Africa and Turkey, and is exploring collaborations in many other countries across the globe.

Highline Is Advancing Diversity

Highline’s programs develop international business people with practical skills, a sense of global citizenship and an understanding of cultural diversity. At Highline, you’ll be immersed in an inclusive environment. Highline’s commitment to diversity, social justice and multiculturalism recently earned the college two prestigious awards: the 2014 Award of Excellence for Advancing Diversity from the American Association of Community Colleges and the 2013 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award from Insight Into Diversity magazine. Come to Highline and find your capacity to change the world for the better as a global citizen.

*Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) is a subscription service that provides high-quality employment data, economic analysis and comprehensive impact analyses for colleges and universities.

Get Started

You qualify to apply for Highline’s BAS degree program if you meet certain criteria. View eligibility requirements and application. Apply today!


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