Bachelor of Applied Behavioral Science in Youth Development

Do you want a rewarding career helping others? If you are working with youth—or wish to be—then you can be on the path to making a difference in your community by earning a Bachelor of Applied Behavioral Science degree in Youth Development. Highline's new applied bachelor's degree program will help you gain the skills and knowledge to be more valuable working with youth and collaborating with other staff throughout the area, such as in schools, nonprofit agencies and community-based programs.


Meeting a Growing Need

Effective support strategies and programs for adolescents and young adults are critical. They help youth grow and develop in positive ways and avoid drugs, violence and crime. To create these programs, more and more is expected of those working in the youth development field. Until now, upper level education programs in the area were not available to people like you who want to best help youth in our diverse region. Highline's Youth Development applied bachelor's degree program will give you the additional education you will need.

Focusing on the Positive

Successful communities know that all of us can contribute in one way or another. Young people in our area have a lot to give. They need the chance to develop their skills, relationships and positive experiences in supportive environments. The positive youth development approach helps young people develop the qualities and strategies they need for success. That way, they can ward off at-risk behavior later, such as teen pregnancy, violence and drug abuse.

Creating Quality Programs

Members of youth development organizations throughout our area are working together to improve the overall quality of programs. They know that staff members with a four-year degree will be better equipped to help design and run quality youth programs as well as support the work of schools throughout the county. You can be part of this growing and changing field. Learn the latest in the field by enrolling at Highline

Did You Know?

Demand Is Growing

Worldwide, the number of youth between the ages of 15 and 24 is estimated at 1.1 billion. With Highline's community attracting people from around the globe, our area reflects the diversity of this worldwide youth population.

Highline Is Connected

Highline is a leader in the emerging field of positive youth development. Over the years, the college has established a large network with community agencies and provides quality internships for students in dozens of agencies serving the full scope of youth issues. Highline is the only college in the state to offer this type of degree.

Highline Is Advancing Diversity

Highline's programs develop graduates with practical skills, a sense of global citizenship and an understanding of cultural diversity. At Highline, you'll be immersed in an inclusive environment. Highline's commitment to diversity, social justice and multiculturalism recently earned the college two prestigious awards: the 2014 Award of Excellence for Advancing Diversity from the American Association of Community Colleges and the 2014 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award from Insight Into Diversity magazine. Come to Highline and find your capacity to change the world for the better as a global citizen.

Get Started

You qualify to apply for the Bachelor of Applied Behavioral Science in Youth Development if you meet certain criteria. Priority goes to graduates who hold an Applied Associate’s Degree (or equivalent) in Chemical Dependency, Community Health, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Paraeducator, Social Services or Paralegal. View the full eligibility requirements and application. Apply today!


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